Serviced Apartments Luxurious And Comfortable Place With Time Scale Flexibility

London, the most rich and diverse populated city welcomes the tourists and business people, contributing to the economy of the country. Due to influx of the tourists, the capital city of U.K. has become a hub of accommodation and there’s no shortage of them. You can take your experience in London to the heights with range of accommodation including deluxe and 5 star mega hotels and even the serviced apartment as per the budget, comfort and desire of the traveller.

Although, you may get the best hotel deals and services by paying enough bucks, but the serviced apartments offer you quite an amazing experience. Well equipped furnished apartment with kitchen and all amenities like you want to have at your place, these serviced apartments have them all.

Serviced apartment is your perfect choice if you are looking forward for an amazing London experience and it feels like another home.

In fact, now it is getting quite common and popular to stay in serviced apartments instead of hotels who want more personal services or may prefer self catering.

There are more than enough reasons to look out for a serviced apartment. It represents a more appealing lifestyle for the corporate travellers; while at the same time offers the clear cost advantage to the business.

More Than Just a Room

More spacious rooms as compared to hotels with separate areas for living, cooking, dining and sleeping. You get more space to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Saving Money For Business


Saves you from paying extra charges and tips to the attendants. Also, saves you from paying for internet access and taxi journeys.

Time-scale Flexibility

Hotels serve you in a rigid time-scale and have a time to check in check out and meals. Booking for a serviced apartment allows you to prepare meal by yourself whenever you arrive to the place.

A Complete Package That Delivers Outstanding Value

Another feature that you can have is the complete services in one package. It affords you the best value in terms of space, service, location and flexibility. The best advantage that you will find is that all these services will be available at no extra cost to your business.

Be Independent

You can feel free and have such an amazing experience like serviced apartments offer when you are away from your own home. You can invite your friends and business associates to stay with you.

So, the inherent facilities of serviced apartments are contributing in enhancing the image of London city accommodation among the travellers and business associates. To book them, you can make some easy clicks and book your choice of accommodation instantly.


3 Easy Steps To Apply Dubai Visa


Visa is a conditional authorization granted to foreign visitors to enter and temporarily stay within any country. Hence, if you are planning to visit the Dubai, then it is compulsory for you to get your visa to Dubai. To visit Dubai, you may see different category of visa and each requires certain documents. Dubai visa fees differ by category of your visa. Generally, 3 to 4 days of operations are required to complete the whole visa application process.

Visa obtaining process varies by nationality of visitors, i.e. if you have a resident of The GCC countries, then you do not require your visa. If you have a nationality of 33 countries then you have to get your visa on arrival.

Note: It is beneficial for every visitor to apply for their Dubai visa 58 days before travelling to Dubai

1. Types of Dubai Visa

There are 6 options available for you to select any of these as per your choice. The following are the types of Dubai visa:

  • 7 Days: If you are arranging a very short holiday to The Dubai i.e. for 1 week only, then you may choose 7 Days Dubai.
  • 14 Days: Want to travel to The Dubai for a small time for the purpose of holidays, small events, get-together or business? This will help you to enjoy your mini Dubai visit.
  • 30 Days: If you want to spend a long time with your loved ones or want to complete a vital office task, then 30 Days is an appropriate option for you.
  • 90 Days: Are you looking for an extended visit to The Dubai to meet your family or buddies? You may book 90 Days. With this, you may enjoy your long trip to The Dubai
  • 30 Days Multiple Entry: The applicant can choose the 30 Days Multiple Entry, if he wishes for multiple visit to The Dubai in the period of 1 month.
  • 90 Days Multiple Entry: 90 Days Multiple Entry is advantageous for those visitors who want to travel to The Dubai for multiple times to finish their significant project work, business meetings or seminar.

2. Procedure for Obtaining Dubai Visa


You should receive your Dubai visa in 3 easy steps as follows:

  • Application Form: You have to fill up an online application from. Write all your details carefully and submit it.
  • Submit Documents and Make Payment: Please submit all the required document and make your payment within a specific time through the bank transfer mode
  • Get Your Visa: After completing all the whole visa application process, you should get your visa via email

3. About Ok To Board

The individuals of Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh or India must have to apply for Ok To Board after receiving their Dubai visa. Ok To Board is a precondition by the airline for cross checking your visa. It is mandatory for above nationality people to send their valid visa to the specific airline and after the verification they will mark it with Ok To Board stamp.

The UAE Gov has begun an OK To Board service because they discovered that a number of people visit to The Dubai by carrying an illegal visa. Therefore, to prevent the travelers with false visas they introduce OTB service.

Please, always keep in mind that, without Ok To Board status an airline cannot allow you to board the flight. But in a very unique situation, the airline permits your flight entry by receiving some amount from you.


It is mandatory for the all Dubai visitors to receive their visa to Dubai prior to travel date. There are 6 choices are accessible to you and you should select one of them as per your need. To receive your visa, you just have to go through 3 simple steps as per given above. UAE Online Visa will provide you a visa to Dubai with free Ok To Board service.

Dubai Dhow Cruise Attain Enjoyment beyond Expectations

The water flowing idly through the boat, the aroma of sea inside lungs, stifling breezes rumpling hair and fingers sprawling in cold water, this is all what a Dubai Dhow Cruise offers. It is relaxing and refreshing experience must be attained after taking a tour from sightseeing attractions. It keeps all your stress and tiredness away from you by offering a peace of mind. The water coming from the Persian Gulf offers an opportunity to the visitors to explore Dubai with Dhow Cruise. There are several reasons that show why a Dhow cruise in Dubai Marina beats the creek, it is listed below:

Get the Entire View Of Old and New Dubai

This mesmerizing experience can be enjoyed by two ways. Either you choose to visit ‘Old Dubai’ or ‘New Dubai’. Explore the real beauty through traditionally decorated wooden dhow that sails along Dubai Marina with main destinations under the sky.

The Dhow cruise tours to ‘Old Dubai’ provides chance to view the monuments and old buildings that reflects the glorious past. Such monuments and historical buildings are delight of Dubai. On the other hand Dhow Cruise Dubai through ‘New Dubai’ met with unique experience of beauty and lavishness. It shows the glimpse of new and modern creations in Dubai including Dubai Marina Yacht Club, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina Mall, Atlantis hotel and many more interesting places. This trip proffer marvelous belly dance by professional at the end of the trip.

Maximum Enjoyment in Minimum Time with Herd of Facilities

It usually takes 2 hours and the services of pickup and drop off are part of it. The facilities of luscious food and beverages including tea, coffee, mineral water and soft drinks are also provided. Evening time is perfect to take this tour and also to take memorable snap shots. The excursion organizers are friendly and cooperative. The Dhow Cruise dinner in Dubai Marina offer various entertainment options like floating restaurants, costume and puppet shows, magic, henna tattooing, music and tanoura dancing.


Attain Incomparable Benefits at One Place

The Dhow cruise Dubai provides an opportunity to attain pleasure to taste the luscious traditional Arab cuisines with your family. The newly married couples may also plan a light overnight on this cruise. Most of the lovers considered it as romantic place to spend some moments of love with one another. If offers extravagant opportunities to the family also because people of all ages equally enjoyed on these cruise.

Perfect Venue for Parties and Events

The Dhow cruises are usually considered as perfect place for arranging parties, events, social gathering and meeting. The elite class people and affluent business owners normally preferred to celebrate their birthdays, marriages and other events of social gathering on such cruise.

Get a Dhow Cruise at Affordable Cost

One can easily attain the prominent services of such cruises at cost effective prices. The charges usually go higher during weekends but they are normal during the week days. You must contact for an inbound tourism service provider to attain the desired results.