A week Tour in Thailand

We are promoting our “Men on a Mission Tour“. This is a VIP trip

The tour is from March 13-20, 2016 and it is a very personal small group tour.

Whether the goals are hedonistic, romantic or like most of us somewhere in between, then this tour is designed for you.

I have been going to Thailand for many years now. And it is everything you have heard. It is a men’s nirvana. For some unexplained reason there are many more women than men in Thailand. The average age in Thailand is 30 years old. The women are cute, slender, sweet, polite, soft, quiet, very kind, have a good sense of humor, fun, loyal, are very beautiful and interestingly kind of giggly boy crazy (sort of like teen age high school girls)


This is a first class VIP tour in the top hotels. 8 days, 7 night as low as $249.87 a day DBL OCC.

Full and complete information at
Phone 949-342-8800