London airport transfer complete guide

London is one of the most visited cities in the world and well known for its diversity. This is one of the rare cities where you will find people from more than 200 nationalities living in one place and the unique mix of cultures makes it unique. Planning a trip to London usually includes booking a flight, finding a good accommodation and making a list of places to visit. However, when you’re visiting London, it’s recommended to get to know the transportation system and arrange your London airport transfer in advance. In this guide, we will help you how to get from any of the five airports serving London area: Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, London City and Luton airport, to your destination.

Heathrow is the major airport in London and the gateway to any world destination. The airport has five terminals and it’s quite easy to get lost if you haven’t done your research prior your arrival.  The airport is well connected to the city centre and there are plenty of options to choose from for your London airport transfer.

The Heathrow Express train is operated by the airport and is the fastest way of London airport transfer. The journey takes only 15-20 minutes and the train departs every 15 minutes from each terminal to Paddington Station. However, it is also the most expensive transfer option and unless your destination is nearby Paddington, you will need to use additional transport like the metro or London taxis which will increase the cost even more. A cheaper train alternative to the Heathrow Express is the Heathrow Connect which runs on the same route, but makes multiple stops on the way in west London; therefore, the journey is longer and takes up to 30 minutes to reach the Paddington station.

The London Underground is the cheapest public transport option and many travelers prefer it for their London airport transfer. The Piccadilly line runs to central London and the journey will take less than an hour. There are three underground stations at the airport: one between T2 and T3, and one each for T4 and T5. The benefit of travelling by the Tube is the low cost and you can easily change to other lines at one of the stations in central London. However, you need to keep in mind that the metro gets really crowded in peak hours and most of the underground stations have escalators and stairs so it will be hard to navigate if you brought a lot of luggage with you.

Heathrow airport taxis are located on the dedicated taxi ranks in front of each terminal. The famous London black cabs charge by the meter and all drivers have passed the Knowledge of London exam. However, it would be a better option to book a private London airport transfer in advance. It will save you time at the airport, as everything will be arranged prior your trip and the driver will be waiting for you upon your arrival at the meeting point. Also, the price is fixed so compared to the airport taxis, it is significantly lower. 

Gatwick airport is the second busiest airport in the United Kingdom with two terminals. It is located 45 km south of London, halfway from the city of Brighton. There are multiple London airport transfer options including public transport, airport taxis and private airport transfer.

The fastest public transport option is the Gatwick Express train which departs from both terminals every 15 minutes and will take you to Victoria Station in 30 minutes. Although this is a comfortable and fast London airport transfer option, the cost is significantly higher than the regular train. The cheaper option would be to take the Southern train line which is available every 15 minutes and makes multiple stops on the way to Victoria Station. Bus airport transfer is the lowest cost option, but the journey takes 1.5 to 2 hours. You should check the bus map if your destination is near any of the bus stops or the Victoria Station, and where you can change to other underground lines.

Gatwick airport taxis can be found at the taxi ranks at both terminals. They charge by the meter and additional charges apply for luggage, night and public holiday transfers. A better alternative to the airport taxis is the private London airport transfer which can be arranged prior your trip by booking the service online. This is a door-to-door, all inclusive London airport transfer service and you will have a comfortable journey to your accommodation. The taxi fare for the private London airport transfer is fixed and charged by vehicle, so it’s especially convenient for larger groups.

Stansted airport is located 64 km north-east from central London and is the base of budget airlines serving mainly European destinations. Although the airport has only one terminal, it is one of the top 5 busiest airports in the UK.

The Stansted Express is a fast airport transfer option and you will be at the Liverpool Street in 45 minutes. However, it is recommended to take off at Tottenham Hale so you can easily change onto the Underground station. Buses and coaches to central London and the nearby area are available and the cost is significantly lower compared to the Stansted Express. Although considering this option might be worthwhile, keep in mind that the journey takes significantly longer.

Airport taxis are available at the taxi ranks and it is recommended to check the price with the driver before you get in.  Private London airport transfer is the more cost effective option compared to the airport taxis. The service can be booked online prior your trip and the price is fixed, so it’s much cheaper than the airport taxis. The taxi driver will be waiting for you at the meeting point with a sign and take you directly to your destination.

London City airport is popular among finance professionals since it very close to Canary Wharf, the financial district in London. It is located in the Royal Docks, around 11 km east of central London. Just as the name suggests, this a small, one terminal city airport, so it’s very easy to reach the city centre.

The Docklands Light Railway serves this airport and will take you directly to the city centre where you can take the Underground or another transport type. The bus transfer is limited from the London City airport and there are only two local bus lines (473,474) which take you to Woolwich and Silvertown. Since the airport is fairly close to the city centre, the best option would be to book a private London airport transfer. By booking your London airport transfer online, you will save time and money as this is a door-to-door all inclusive service at a fixed price.

Luton airport serves European flights by low-cost airlines. It is located 56 km north-west from central London. The nearest railway station is at the Luton Airport Parkway which is connected to the airport via shuttle service and it takes 10 minutes to get there. From there, the train will take you to the city centre in 20 minutes. There are several providers offering coach services and the journey takes around one hour and 15 minutes. Although the bus transfer takes longer, this is a much cheaper public transport option compared to the train.

Airport taxis are available at the taxi ranks and it is recommended to use only licensed taxis. If you want to arrange your London airport transfer in advance, you can book the service online. The private London airport transfer includes door-to-door service with professional drivers. The price for the transfer is fixed and charged by vehicle, without any additional charges for luggage.