Top Things to do for Exploring Himalayan Kingdom-Bhutan

Bhutan has an unspoiled natural beauty that highlights unique biotic treasures and essences of Buddhism or civilization’s attitude towards life. With a well planned and guided Bhutan cultural tour or festival tour, one can indulge in many exciting things to do for exploring a happiness kingdom of Bhutan.

In this article, you will find some amazing things to see and do for exploring an isolated kingdom, which lies deep beneath its culture, adventure, nature, spirituality and festivals.

Let us discuss about exploring the true essence of Bhutan-The Land of Thunder Dragon:

1. Visit National Museum:

The national Museum is a preserver and promoter of cultural values of Bhutan, which displays a remarkable blend of past and present of the country. Located in the Paro town of Western Bhutan, this museum has some of the finest specimens of Bhutanese art, which are believed to be 1500 years old. Visitors can also find fine arts, 3-D stamps, silken stamps, triangular stamp of mythical yeti, painting and bronze statues as one of the best attractions in this cultural museum. It is believed that the National Museum was established in the year 1968 and also known as Ta-Dzong Museum.

2. Consider Exploring Thimpu:

In order to get a true insight of Bhutan, one should travel Thimpu, which is the Bhutan’s capital as well as is a home for the royal family of Bhutan. In Thimpu, tourists will enjoy both traditional and modern era of Bhutan. You can witness the 16th century artistic structure- Simtokha fortress or Simtokha Dzong as well as can spot stunning structures that speak about modernization of the Thimpu city like Memorial Chorten, National Library & Institute for Zorig Chusum and Folk Heritage Museum.

3. Go to Bumthang Valley:

This valley is the spiritual heartland of Bhutan, which is full of ancient and precious Buddhist sites. The main town in Bumthang Valley, Jakar is an undulating terrain, which is filled with apple trees and numerous temples that proves to be every tourist’s delight.

4. Experience Spectacular Punakha Festival:

The Punakha Festival is also known as Punakha Drubchen festival, which is a reminiscent of 17th century battle of Bhutanese with Tibetan army. In the eve of this festival celebration, locals get dressed in full battle gear to reenact scene of an ancient battle, which will prove to be a great treat to watch. This festival is celebrated annually, where the act is performed to commemorate the victory.

The Punakha festival has also another version, which is known as Punakha Tsechu (introduced in 2006). This version of Punakha is to preserve the teachings of Lord Buddha and keep the deeds of Zhabdrung Rimpoche.

You will find that both these Punakha festivals hold great significance in maintaining Bhutan’s rich tradition and heritage. With a guided Bhutan festival tour, you can get some more insight and opportunity for discovering some other local festivals like Takin Festival and Dochula Festival.


Whether travelling to Bhutan with family or friends for exploring the true essence and spirit then it is always wise in seeking guided assistance from a reputable Bhutan tour company. This will help you in getting local and experienced guides as well as will give the opportunity of selecting a desired and tailor made Bhutan tour package.